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Imagination Leadership Award

I am very surprised and honoured. Yesterday I received the following communication from Jane McGonigal from the Institute For The Future. Lee, congratulations! I’m writing with what I hope will be fun and exciting news.  You have been chosen for a 2022 Imagination Leadership Award from the Institute for the Future. This honor is awarded by IFTF in recognition of your outstanding service and creative contributions to the Urgent Optimists community.  We have selected just 100 Urgent Optimists to receive this recognition, from our overall community of more than 1400 contributing members in 2022.   Your ideas, imagination, insightful questions, unexpected thinking, and positive engagement with your fellow members has made a huge difference this year. We thank you for making Urgent Optimists better and stronger with the gifts of your wisdom and curiosity.  I wanted to share the good news personally with you first. We soon will be publishing the names of all the recognized individuals on Ur

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